Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to Historical Lens

We grew up with a love for History. Our parents took us to many historical places. It was fascinating not only to learn about the details of a location, but also about the personal interactions, daily routines and significance of the context and vernacular of the day.

It was in those details we had a better insight into that specific time in history, a Historical Lens, if you will. It makes you not only reflect on others, but ourselves. Wondering where our ancestors were during that time line. Curious what their perspective and community had been like.

So, I ask you, what is your story? Most of us have the ability and resources to find our family line, but how many of us will have the opportunity to share more details than what is recorded on a census sheet. If we don't continue to share and learn about our past (it's cliche to say, but oh, so true), it will too quickly be gone. 

Do you have unusual family photos, letters, postcards? Things that will give others a better Historical Lens? Check out our Submission Guidelines page.

Come join us on this journey to learn about ourselves and others. It will be well worth the ride.


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